Center for Psychological Studies

School Psychology

Specialist Program (Psy.S.) in School Psychology

Degree Seeking Students

Traditional Degree Seeking- applicants who meet the following criteria, in addition to the above minimum requirements for admission, may be considered for acceptance into the program as a degree seeking student.

Alternative Degree Seeking- applicants who do not meet one or more of the criteria for the degree seeking status listed above, but have a baccalaureate degree in psychology, education, or a related field from a regionally accredited institution, may be considered on the basis of relevant, professional, or exceptional experience or accomplishment.

Applicants accepted into the program under Alternative Degree Seeking status must meet the minimum requirements of three credit hours of undergraduate or graduate course work in research and evaluation or statistics.

Admitted students will be required to meet the standards for matriculation (see section on Degree Candidacy).Individuals applying under this category must include a resume or other documentation supporting their experience and credentials.